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I was created as a Guardian for one witch to protect her and I will die protecting her.

Look For me in...

Character Profile

Main Series: Voodoo Vows

Other series The Guardians A Voodoo Vows Tail

Job: Protecting Rosie
Height:  36"
Fur color :  blue merle
Eye color: brown

Distinguishing  markings: a birthmark given to me by Rosie mom on my chest.  I also wear a amulet on my color that shines a myriad of colors when I'm close to Rosie.

Worst enemy: anyone who hurts Rosie

Bred By Magic (ebook).jpg

1. Voodoo vows

2. Spellbound Sacrifice

3. Ghosts from the Present

4. Devine Descent

1. DB King The Dead Creole Club

2. Aaron Jesse The Dead Creole Club

Gifted by Magic (ebook).jpg
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