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Aaron Jesse The Dead Creole Club Book 2

the dead creole club - book 2 (ebook).jpg

I couldn't help falling in love with her. Now Baron Semedi wants to take my whole life, too.
On stage, working as a tribute artist at the Dead Creole Club, I caught myself rubbernecking the beauty in the audience who came to my show night after night. If she were to love me tender, my life would be complete.
Then she vanished, leaving my heart filled with pain that she might never come back again.
When I learned a tragedy befell her, I do whatever it takes to help. After all, somethings are meant to be. A deal with the skeletal man is made, that will forever change her fate... and mine.
Her ability to walk is restored, but she has no memory of me. Can I show her she was always on my mind? Or has our chance at sweet love died?

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