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DB King The Dead Creole Club Book 1

The Dead Creole Club - Book 1 (eBook).jpg

A deal with the skeletal man has my temperature risin’, and it’s burning through to my soul...
As an Elvis tribute artist, the King’s music has not only been my life but my entire career. All that changed the night flames lifted higher and higher, turning my club to smoke and dreams to ash. In my lowest moment, a skeletal man appeared... and didn't bother with a disguise. We struck a deal that seemed too good to be true. Because it was. Heaven help me, I didn't see the cunning in his eyes. Elvis finds himself down in the underworld brought down by the loa of the dead who has a deal for the King of Rock and Roll. He's in trouble since he arrived. You’d almost think his middle name was misery. Now, the spirit of the King himself is trapped within me, leaving us no choice but to share my body. Our goals? To restore my singing voice and break him free from an eternity of performing in the Underworld. With a little less conversation, and tons more action, can we find a way to work together for our mutual benefit? Or are we caught in a trap with no way to walk out?

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