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Finding a Leprechaun Book 1

Finding A Leprechaun 1 EBOOK 02162019 copy.jpg

I grew up the only leprechaun in the bayous of Louisiana in the magical realm of Feu Follet. Even though I loved my adoptive parents, I searched for answers to where I came from.
One fateful day on my quest to find an elusive four-leaf clover, I found something special instead. This made my life have meaning. With my treasure, I returned home, even though I still searched for answers.
One day, a mysterious portal revealed itself in the same spot where my treasure had been found. I mustered up my courage to see what was on the other side. But everything was not rainbows and glitter. An evil creature threatened not only this land, but my own home. Secrets and danger lie in wait. Can I return to my home before it’s too late?

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