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Ghost from the Past

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Bombarded by memories from the past, Julian Quibadeaux must use the visions of his ancestors or he will be doomed to repeat their mistakes. Through these flashes, he sees the evils of his ancestors and secrets that had been hidden to him. His bloodline, since the time of Marie Laveau, has been cursed to turn into a Rougaroux, the Cajun werewolf. Murder and disastrous outcomes have plagued his family for generations. He must learn what he can before it’s too late…
However, he is not alone on his quest; he is helped by an old family friend who watches over him as the visions pour through his brain. But, if he can learn to control the monster within, he may, after all this time, tear down the walls of his curse.

This story should be read after Voodoo Vows and before Black Magic Betrayal since it is Julian's story.

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