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Stone Hearts Book 1

Stone Hearts (eBook).jpg

Jasper Lafavre, a thirteen centuries old gargoyle in hiding from his brother and a tragedy he can’t seem to get over, heads to New Orleans with hopes he can start fresh. Walking along the city streets, he stumbles upon an antique shop. Inspired by an object in the window and the woman who owns the store, he realizes a destiny foretold ages ago may come true.
Daphne Lavain lives in the illustrious city of New Orleans and owns a quaint antique shop on Magazine Street. After her husband Niko’s death, her life crashes down around her. Three years later, she picks up the pieces and rebuilds her life. But when her friend Ava convinces her to seek out the Loa Goddess of Love, everything changes.
Will Jasper and Daphne realize their destiny or will a lone gargoyle on a building destroy it all?

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