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Summer's Kiss Book 1

Summer's Kiss eBook.jpg

Fairies, or feu follet as they’re known in Cajun country, have been around for centuries, though they remain hidden from the human world. Their beloved Princess Alicia is betrothed to Prince Alain. The pending union is a forgone conclusion until an unseen force drives Princess Alicia to cross the veil that divides the feu follet from humans.
The moment she enters, her life is irrevocably changed. Cole Scott, a human, helps Alicia recover from a horrific injury and leads her on the path to love.
Purely by accident, Alicia returns home to her native land and she informs her father she has done the unthinkable—fallen in love with a human. Caught between duty to her people and her broken heart, she sets off to find another way. Can love prevail? Will Princess Alicia get her Summer’s Kiss?

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