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On a cold and gray troubled morning, another deal was made…in the underworld with Baron Samedi loa of the dead.

The King of Rock & Roll is a phenomenon whose musical influence has spanned generations. Now, he’s trapped, with his soul belonging to the Loa of the dead. More than anything he longs for a little less fight and a little more of the spark he felt in front of crowds of fans.

Then, an opportunity arises.

It’s now or never. Baron Samedi is making deals with Elvis Tribute Artists topside, allowing the original hunk of burning love to embody each and help correct mistakes of the past present, and future. The Dead Creole Club is formed, and their fate has yet to be written. Yet one thing is certain. EP may be gone, gone, gone, but he’s ready to be the Hip-shaking King Creole once more.

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