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The Gryphon's Revenge Book 1


Alone, yet apart, Elek Tavaloris has always kept the peace as creator of the Motorcycle Club, Beasts of Atonement. A group of shifters sworn to uphold their vow of protection of the innocent. But, when they fail to protect his sister, tragedy strikes and he steps into his true role, King of All Beasts, in order to pave a path to revenge. With an old friend by his side, he creates a new chapter of the BOA in the Crescent City, a place known for its seedy lifestyle.
Local street musician, Lyric Brunet, is the black sheep of her family. Her heart beats with the rhythm of jazz no matter how much they frown at her life choices. As she sits in a local coffee shot, a handsome new patron seeks her out. There is a mysterious aura about him and when she is in close proximity to him she starts having strange visions. Strange things begin to happen and she seeks out the stranger again but as they get closer, fate happens and it almost costs her, her life.
Will Elek be able to bury his past or will it follow him and devour Lyric, bringing about the wrath of The King of Beasts? Will Lyric find the true meaning of her visions and follow the path to her destiny?

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