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The Protector's Kiss Book 1


Calliope is a prestigious white tiger, rare and sought after. Kidnapped at a very young age, she is sold into slavery and trained by a god with a secret agenda. Calliope finds herself amongst others of her kind and forced to fight against the gladiators. Unbeknownst to her, she holds a secret, one that will only be shown to her when she finds her true love.
Andros, a gryphon by day and a human by night, protector of mankind, comes from one of the oldest protectors in history. He is sent to Rome by the sun god Apollo, who also gifts him with the ability to protect someone special. From atop his perch, he witnesses Calliope in battle and is drawn to her raw fighting skills. Though, as the inevitable happens, he realizes he must save her from a death sentence.
These two are destined to be together. Will a kiss, one kiss, bring them closer and reveal Calliope’s secret? Two fated to fight for the innocence of the world create the driving forces to uphold and punish evildoers.
So the Deity of Judgment and the Beasts of Atonement are created.

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