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Voodoo Vows Book 1

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Rosie DelacroixUpon my return to New Orleans, I’m met with a terrifying and exciting new chapter in my life. I stepped into this role with uncertainty but courage, daring myself to conquer my fear. The answers to my mother’s disappearance got derailed when I was sent on a different path. Evil lurked around every corner in the already haunted city, and its eye is pointed firmly on me. But before my mother disappeared, she made provisions to make sure I would have protection in the form of a Guardian. Quickly, I become ensconced in a life of magic and voodoo and I’m surrounded by unlikely allies. Julian Quibodeaux, an old flame, re-entered my life and our love reignited like dry tinder to a flame. However, he’s been cursed, and is unaware of the terrible secret he holds…One that could destroy our relationship. I’ll be tested in many ways, to save the man I love. Will my friends, and an unusual new-found gift, be enough to help me survive my journey? Secrets become unraveled, but can Julian and I come back from the truth?

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