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Trolls are among us!!!!


First off as a first time author I was warned about such things. I had even been told not to read reviews for two weeks after release date. As you can tell because I am doing this post, I didn’t listen to the well given advice. No I didn’t. Last night I opened up a browser on my phone and saw that evil one star review. Even though I knew it would come, I was devastated. I’m not upset because it was a one star review but that it blatantly said I had stolen people’s work. As I lay in bed pondering such a travesty, I knew deep down in my heart that I had never plagiarized a single word of my manuscript. Soon I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to a new found outlook on life and the life of an author. I remember a friend telling me never engage them no matter what, it fuels the fire. With this post it may be considered engaging, but I don’t want people to think I steal people’s hard earned work. I know it took me a year to write this book. I in no way did I steal from anyone EVER.

Now this takes me to the troll part of this post. No matter what always remember not everyone is going to like your book. They may even make you try to second guess yourself. But remember this is your baby not theirs, while they may give you suggestions you do not always have to take them. I follow my characters and that is what I will always do when writing. You breathed life into your manuscript, you cried over scenes; it is yours and yours alone. Never ever let anyone get to you because you didn’t take a suggestion they made as they beta read.

People there are trolls among us and always will be. It hurts when people don’t like something you poured sweat and tears into, but not everyone will like it. The main important thing is DO YOU Like it, are YOU happy with the final product.

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