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February 2015 Issue of InD'tale Magazine

I am honored to have a review in this wonderful magazine geared towards self published and Indie authors.

4 Stars and 5 Steampots Rose Delacroix left New Orleans when her mother disappeared, but now she’s returned to the city of her birth to discover the truth. She uncovers more than she expected and finds herself immersed in a world of magic and voodoo. As she reunites with old friends and a lover, she discovers her old flame has been cursed with a secret that could destroy them both. Rose has never forgotten Julian Quibodeaux or the love she feels for him, but will her love, her friendships, and her newfound gift be enough to save them from the forces of evil that are threatening to destroy them? “Voodoo Vows” starts a bit slowly at the beginning as the author lays the groundwork, causing the reader to wonder where the story is going in this intriguing paranormal tale that delves into a world that is unique and not often written about. However, it doesn’t take long before the plot is revealed, and one is drawn in and submerged into the mystical realm of voodoo. The reader journeys alongside the heroine as she traverses the road to discovery and experiences, through rich descriptive scenes, the city of New Orleans resplendent in its rich flavor and culture, copious history, and superstitions. The characters are well developed and the plot moves at a leisurely pace, but this wellwritten story is not a stand-alone book due to the frustrating inclusion of a cliffhanger at the end. Nonetheless, voodoo, witchcraft, magic, mystery, love, and steamy sex scenes swirl effectively together to create a read that is not long forgotten. Janna Shay

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